Weatherproof GPU Litecoin Mining Rig Pictures

milk-crate-box-minerPS. If you want to build Litecoin or Dogecoin mining rigs yourself, click here. Otherwise, I’m based in Auckland, New Zealand, and I can build a brand new GPU mining rig for you. The machine is fully automated and works right out of the box.

Have you been searching for Litecoin miner pictures and wonder how to build a better scrypt mining rig yourself?

The open-air homemade milk crate GPU miner was the most popular design among crypto enthusiasts, I learnt after some extensive research into Bitcoin GPU mining machine pictures.

Certain problems with current designs still exist so I decided to build my own custom miner to overcome these issues:

  • You still need clumsy external box fans to cool the GPUs
  • Temperatures are unstable and can get very hot (overheating above 176F/80C degrees is common, which will shorten shell life of your graphic cards)
  • Very space comsuming
  • No protection from dust or moist
  • Must be run indoor
  • Looks ugly

In an attempt to create a better Litecoin miner machine for people like myself, who don’t have access to a spare garage, basement or a dedicated indoor server space, I have decided to design a new AltCoin mining rig that can be used for apartment dwellers.

Eco’s Special Mining Rig Features:


  1. Weatherproof
  2. Stable temperature (between 140F/60C to 176F/80C degrees)
  3. Stackable (cooling is not a problem no matter how many rigs you stack on top of each other – the heat does not build up)
  4. Compact (power supply sits right inside the box)
  5. Portable, easy to move around with the miner still running
  6. Filters dust (I use tulle fabric to cover holes)
  7. Solid & looks cool!

Note: The third card must be positioned at lower level than the first two to get cool air from the blue fan that sits just below the first GPU, otherwise it will overheat.

Below is screenshot of my cgminer graphic card temperatures running at around 77F/25C degrees ambient room temperature, the one with the coolest temperature is next to the blue fan (I’ve got two AMD Sapphire 7970 Dual-X OC and one Sapphire Radeon 7970 Vapor-x GHz Edition »the new best model is now Sapphire R9 280x Dual-X for US, click here for UK.):


 How to Make Your Litecoin Miner Weather-Proof?

I guess this it what most folks are interested to know.

The principle behind my design is very simple – there are 3 video cards in each rig, with two Cooler Master SickleFlow 120mm case fans – one blue blows cool air in and another green sucks hot air out (each does a monstrous 90CFM circulation for it’s small size and modest ~4W power consumption, not mentioning the awesome blue LED light). These tiny computer fans are much better at cooling than the noisy, cumbersome, expensive and under-performing box fans (which usually are only rated at around 100CFM – with two SickleFlowX fans put together for a total of 4 fans, you get combined 180CFM airflow for only ~16W and much cheaper price).

To make the airflow efficient, the whole unit is completely enclosed and only some holes are cut to either allow ventilation or to secure the components in place.

Below is the picture of my scrypt miner design, each black plastic box (bought as hobby Gt Cubes) is a 2150 MH/s rig. You can put them outside of your balcony if it gets too hot inside, or if you simply want to avoid the noise, heat and unpleasant smell from running crypto miners:



To make it wind, moist and water proof so that you can run outside the balcony, simply seal the vents for graphic cards with black electric or PVC tape to protect the computer parts. Then attach the aluminum air duct to the front and back fans that suck and blow air, respectively:

aluminum-air-duct gpu-mining-rig-back-venting

Bend the air duct so the hole are facing down, that way rain water cannot get in the machine even of there is strong wind blowing through your balcony or backyard. Beside those two holes from the air ducts, everything else should be completely sealed and since the cube is made of plastic, you don’t have to worry about rust or acid deterioration from the rain when left outdoors.

Here are pictures of how I cut my plastic box (one of the 4 sides is left completely untouched) and only 6 hole are drilled on the bottom to secure the hard drive and motherboard in place with plastic zippers:


You can download this cube template photos if you want to make a similar thing. Here is my rough hand-drawing of the schematic:


Happy mining Litecoin, Dogecoin, Feathercoin, WorldCoin, DigitalCoin, Megacoin or anything srypt and scrypt jane hashing based coin!

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    • they are called “hobby cubes” or “gt cubes” – I bought them from the warehouse, in New Zealand. Have had some US visitors asking the same question via email, some said they couldn’t find them in the states, only online, so I’m not sure.

      It’s about GT Cube 1600; 355mm L x 325mm W x 290mm H (14 X 12.8 X 11.5)

  1. Sorry, but you do not increase your cfm by having two fans in a push/pull configuration. What you would need to do is set two fans in a pull-through configuration, each fan with it’s own opening, and then have the passive intake openings be slightly larger (1.5x to 2x) than the total area that the two fan cutouts consume, since you will probably want to put a dust filter there and that will take up surface area. Fluid dynamics don’t lie, my man.

    • Drill, oscillating cutting tool and razor knife. The job will be way easier if you have one box (aka template) that you can just duplicate).

  2. Hi Dude,

    Bummer I couldn’t buy 2 of those units from you the other day but this and the specs from the TM auction has been a godsend in building my own. Thank you sooo much.

    Small, Stackable, Lightweight and WaterProof. My copy of these units are going underneath my house to keep cool over the summer and I’m confident that they will stay safe…. Just worried about the salt-air (500m away from the beach) so I might change to a carbon filter instead of tulle cloth over the ducts. Also using a 220cfm centrifugal extractor and over-clocking the hell out of my cards :-) Complete build……. $1827 incl GST per unit and you can just keep stacking em, very happy with my build and couldn’t have done it without ya dude, cheers.

    Mint on buddy!!!!! ~ Kail Johnson

    • Interesting, can you tell me what hashing rate are you getting and what computer parts do you use for that price? When I built mine, raw material and parts price alone was $2,550.

      Be careful with overclocking too high, your cards may burn sooner than you think and power consumption will go through the roof!
      My rigs have been proven to be quite stable (had 8 machines running for the past 7 months), but that is because I did not overclock them and push anything to the limit.

  3. Oh man.. so it’s impossible to ship those across the globe. I really wanted something like this back here in Romania, Europe. I know I can make something else, but it won’t be like this, so compact! I love it. Here’s a virtual tear.. ;(

  4. Hi,

    could you let me know what is the direction of the fans on the box? I guess one blows inside the box and the other outside of it?

    Also, can you upload a better picture of the dimentions for the wholes on the box?

    Thanks :)

  5. Just wondering…

    Why do you arrange the graphic cards perpendicular to the airflow. It seems counterintuitive to “block” the air this way. Would you not be able to achieve a higher cooling efficiency by turning the GPUs around by 90° so that air flows parallel to the cards?

  6. Very nice. If I can fabricate these, I will have use for the cold winters here in Canada…. throw these things out in the balcony for a 1 hour fresh air break.
    Quick question: does it matter the form factor of the mobo? Did you use a full ATX here?

    • It does matter to certain extend. For example, the normal mobo’s ATX cable can only handle up to 3 GPU without powered riser cables before the 12V pin in the ATX starts to heat up and burn out. Yes, full ATX used.

  7. Hi CFMMaster,

    I am about to build a similar setup with 3-5 GPUS in a box, for use outdoor to keep it cold and safe space indoor.

    Do you have any proof of concept of you description of a “pull-through configuration”?? I have to choose between the ecoinomist’s setup and your setup…

    Bitcoiner cph…

    • We found the open rig design more durable in the long terms, with the plastic box design it’s easy to move around, but much noisier and runs about 3-5 degrees hotter, so it’s not that good for your graphic cards. Most fan issues that happened to GPUs were from my plastic box design, unfortunately, even though they ran quite stable.

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